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Are Prescription Weight Loss Pills Right For You?

Fitness is clearly watched with body shape and size. If one is obese, he needs to take actions to reduce his weight and overall BMI. In many cases, people have tried exercise, diet and almost every option but weight loss remains a dream only. In such a situation, one can try prescribed weight loss pills after the recommendation of an expert only. These pills are considered as a quick and infallible option for obese and help them to keep away from increased health hazards in different forms. One can find ample of such pills from various makers in the market, and some of them are over the counter medicines also, but one must refrain consuming them without consulting a doctor.

Who can use them?

It is important to know who can use these pills. The primary users of these pills are those who are above the BMI level. Those who are prone to increase the weight and invite diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure can go for these pills as they can help them get quick results. Those who are fed up with diet and exercise and still do not get results can go for these pills. However, it may not be a viable option for some people, and therefore it is necessary that one consults the doctor before going for these pills. These pills may offer short term or long term effects on the body, so in some cases those who want to go for long term maintenance of weight it is necessary to follow right diet and schedule of physical exercises.

The dose:

For those who want to go for these pills, it is important to go for them with specific dosage only as the wrong dose may lead to quick side effects. It is better to go for the expert to specify the dose, which is important to follow the doses accurately else it may prove as a boomerang. Usually one pill at a time thrice a day is recommended, but it is better to check with the experts first.

Are there any side effects of these pills?

Yes, these pills have side effects, but they are mild and not much deteriorating. One may feel nausea, vomiting, excess bowel movement, drying mouth, fatigue, headache, kidney stones, and increased heart rate. These side effects are common, and with time one can get rid off them also. However, if one keeps facing them, it is necessary to check with an expert and get the dose or medicines changed. If the medicines are still with more side effects, he must stop and find for some better option.

Usually, for those who are gaining weight rapidly due to any situation, these pills are much useful as they can help one control the weight and back to routine life. One can also start them for a few days, and once the weight is under control, he can stop and maintain it without using these pills. However, it is for those who are obese and cannot control weight with diet and exercise.


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